How to Apply For Food License: FSSAI Registration Process, Documents, Fees

FSSAI License Registration

Food safety and hygiene is the most important thing in the food business.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a government authority that protects public health and regulates the food safety & hygiene standards in India.

Who is Required to get FSSAI Registration

Food business operators (FBOs) who engage in the manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, and sale of food products are required to get FSSAI registration or license.

If you run a Restaurant or Food Cafe and want to list your business on Swiggy or Zomato, the first requirement is FSSAI Registration.

Penalty for Non-Compliance FSSAI Act

S.NO.Offense     Fine
1Unhygienic processing or manufactureRs 1 Lakh
2Inessential items in foodRs 1 Lakh
3Failure to comply Food safety officer’s orderRs 2 Lakh
4Food quality IssueRs 2 Lakh
5Misbranded FoodRs 3 Lakh
6Sub-standard foodRs 5 Lakh
7Misleading and false advertisement  & descriptionRs 10 Lakh

Types of FSSAI License/Registration

There are three types of FSSAI Licenses 1) Basic Registration 2) State License 3) Central License. FSSAI Registration and License are two different things. It depends on the Nature, turnover & capacity of production of the business.

Basic Registration- The person having a turnover of less than, up to Rs.12 lakh p.a have to obtain FSSAI Basic Registration. This is for small and retail food operators, who don’t have large business operations like- petty food manufacturers, Snacks shops, etc. For The FSSAI Basic Registration applicant has to file Form A.

State License- The Person having a turnover of more than Rs.12 lakh p.a but up to Rs.20 crore p.a have to get FSSAI State License. This is for small and medium size Food Business Operators, whose turnover is more than small FBOs but up to RS 20 crore like- medium-sized storage, manufacturing units, etc. For The FSSAI State License applicant has to file Form B.

Central License- The person having a turnover of more than Rs.20 crore p.a have to get FSSAI Central License. This is for large Food Business Operators like-large manufacturers, operating businesses in multiple states, Food operations with Government Agencies, etc. The applicant has to file Form B.

FSSAI License Eligibility

You can find out the limits for your business to get registered under FSSAI from the below list. Every food business has different limits for FSSAI registration.

FSSAI License Fees

Fee Structure for FSSAI License(for 1 year)

Type of ApplicationBasic RegistrationState LicenseCentral License
For New Application Rs 100/-Rs 2000-5000/-Rs 7500/-
For Renewal ApplicationRs 100/-Rs 2000-5000/-Rs 7500/-
For Modification ApplicationRs 100/-Rs 2000-5000/-Rs 7500/-

Documents for FSSAI License Registration

  • Identity Proof such as a PAN Card, Passport, or Voter ID.
  • Address Proof of premises such as an electricity bill or rent agreement.
  • Applicant’s Photograph.
  • List of food products that you manufacture, process, store, distribute, or sell.
  • Food safety layout plan.
  • Bank Account Details.
  • NOC from the municipality or any other department if required.
  • Certificate of incorporation or Partnership deed.
  • Water test reports.
  • List of directors/ List of proprietors.
  • Raw material sources.

How to Apply for FSSAI license Registration online

Step 1- For a new FSSAI License First, you need to check out the FoSCoS site and click on Apply license & registration.

FSSAI Registration

Step 2- Click on apply for license/registration.

FSSAI License

Step 3- Now select your State.

FSSAI License

Step 4- Now you have 5 options Manufacturer, Trader, Food Service, Central Government Agency, and Head Office choose one of them as per your Business requirement. Manufacturers and traders cover most of the food business operators. After that select category & sub-category and then select type of registration and click on submit option.

FSSAI Registration

Step 5- Click on apply for registration for all businesses.

FSSAI Registration

Step 6- On the next page, a new form will open, and fill in the all details & information as per your requirements then click on save & next.

FSSAI Registration

Step 7- Now enter your Mobile No., Email ID, and contact details. On this page, a new login ID automatically generates, you must create a password, and then click submit.

Step 8- On the next page, you have to upload documents like a photo, id proof (with less than 3MB Image size) after that select the payment gateway and pay FSSAI License Fee online.

After successful payment, you will get a Payment slip with application Reference No. which is help you to check your FSSAI License status.

The officer can approve or reject your application within the next 7 days, or the officer can give you advance notice and inspect your business site. After completing all formalities, the officer will send your approved license to your email address.

FSSAI License Validity and Renewal

  • FSSAI license is issued for a validity of 1 to 5 years, as an option taken by the FBOs.
  • you can apply for the renewal of your license 180 days prior.

FSSAI License late Renewal Penalty

You can renew your license after the expiry date with extra charges, here are the charges-

Date of ExpiryPenalty
From 30 days before the date of expiryRs. 100 Per Day
From 1st Day to 90th Day3 Times of Annual Return Fee
From 91st Day to 180th Day5 Times of Annual Return Fee

Renewal will not be allowed after the 180th day from the original expiry date, and the person will have to apply for a new FSSAI license.

FSSAI License Renewal Process online

Step 1- For renewal of the FSSAI License & Registration First, you need to check out the FoSCoS site and click on Renewal license Tab.

FSSAI Renewal

Step 2- On the next page fill out your license no., the end date of the license, and the captcha code then click on submit.

FSSAI Renewal

Step 3- Now your auto-populated License form will open and you need to just check out the details, then select the years for license validity and click on submit.

Step 4- Select your payment gateway and pay your license renewal fees, after successful payment your renewal license certificate send to your mail ID.

FSSAI License Benefits

  • FSSAI Food License provides legal identity to businesses.
  • It ensures the quality of the products and Creates awareness about food safety.
  • Having a food license makes it easier for an FBO to be recognized by the government and investors.
  • It helps to build own goodwill.
  • FSSAI License makes business easy in a legal way.

How to check FSSAI license status Online

First, you need to check out the FoSCoS site and Enter your  Application Reference No. which is mentioned in your license payment slip then click on submit.

After submission, it will show your Food license application status.

FSSAI License Status

How to Download FSSAI License Certificate online

Step 1- First Visit the FoSCos website and click on the Login-Businesses option on the top of the homepage.

FSSAI License Download

Step 2- Enter your User ID, Password, and Captcha, then click on the Sign-in button

FSSAI License

Step 3- Now Click on the ‘Issued’ option. then Click on the Issued-License option

FSSAI License Download

Step 4- Click on the reference number displayed on the screen with your FSSAI certificate to open it. Click on the download & save option to Download your Food License Certificate.


Q. Is cloud kitchen needs an FSSAI license?

Yes, a cloud kitchen requires an FSSAI license in order to operate legally in India.
Before applying for an FSSAI license, a cloud kitchen must provide detailed information about its location or operations, including the types of food it serves, the equipment, and its food safety management systems.
To ensure that it meets the necessary standards FSSAI officers inspect the business premises

Q. Can I Renew the FSSAI license & Registration after the expiry date?

Yes, you can renew your license after the expiry date with extra charges but up to 180th days from the original expiry date.

Q. Can I modify or change the details of the FSSAI License?

Yes, you can be modified or change the FSSAI License by filing a modification application. the modification fee is equal to one year license or registration fee and without any extra charges.

Q. My FSSAI License is Expired or canceled. can I continue my food business activities?

No. After the suspension or cancellation or expiry of your FSSAI registration & license, you have to stop food business activities. if you continue the business activities then it is an unlawful activity and you will be penalized under the FSS Act, 2006.

Q. What is improvement notice?

When FBO fails to meet standards set by FSSAI then the Designated Officer issues a notice called an improvement notice.

Q. Do I need a different FSSAI license to operate different kinds of food business activities on the same premises?

No, You don’t need a separate FSSAI license for each food business activity that you are conducting on the same premises.

Q. I own businesses in more than one state, so do I require multiple FSSAI licenses or one license shall be enough?

If you own food businesses in different states in India, you will need to obtain separate FSSAI licenses for each state where you are conducting food business activities. Because every single state required a separate FSSAI license number.

Q. Is it mandatory to display the FSSAI license number on any food item? What if I don’t display it?

Yes, it is mandatory to display the FSSAI logo and license number on all food products. The license number should be clearly displayed on the front of the package.
If FBOs do not comply with the terms and conditions defined by the FSSAI, they will be penalized and FSSAI can acquire or dispose of the property of FBOs.

Q. Is it mandatory to file a return after FSSAI registration?

Every FBO registered under FSSAI has to file a return as per the act. There are 2 types of returns Annual Returns, and Half-Yearly Returns. These returns are based on the type & size of the entity. 
1. Half-yearly return– half-yearly return file under Form D-2 every 6 months and the due dates are-
For 1 April to 30 September         31 October
For 1 October to 31 March           30 April
2. Annual Return- Annual return is filed under Form D-1 every year and the due date is- 31 May of FY.

Q. What does the FSSAI license number mean?

FSSAI License number has 14 digits like (0 12 34 567 890123) and it’s divided into multiple groups.
0- it represents this is a license(#2) or registration(#1).
12- state code.
34- the year when FSSAI License was issued.
567- Registrar’s office under License obtain.
890123- Unique number for food operators.

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