GST Registration Documents for Proprietorship: Checklist 2023

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is the easiest way to start a business with fewer rules & regulations. In a proprietorship, an individual can start a business without any business registration.

However, in this business model, the individual’s liability is unlimited if any losses happen in the business the proprietor has to handle them on a personal level.

There are no specific Registration for sole proprietorship but you have to do these compliances –

GST Registration for Proprietorship

  • GST Registration is compulsory for businesses whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit.
  • After the GST registration, you can start the inter-state supply of goods.
  • You can claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) and the government will recognize your business.

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Documents Required for Individual/Proprietorship GST Registration

Aadhar Card

Aadhar should be linked with a Registered mobile number or Email ID because, at the end of the Registration process, you have to verify your GST Registration form with Aadhar Authentication OTP.

you can check here whether your Mobile number is linked with Aadhar or not- Verify Aadhar Mobile No. & Email ID.

PAN Card

Pan Card should be linked with the Aadhar card, the name and DOB(date of birth) should be the same as in the Aadhar card.


a latest passport-size photograph.

Electricity Bill of Business Place

Electricity bill of business place is necessary in every case whether you own or Rented the business place and even if commencing the business from your relative’s place you have to submit the Electricity bill.

Proof of Business Place

you can use these documents as proof of business place-

  1. If Your Business Place is Owned-
  • Legal ownership document.
  • Municipal Khata Copy.

2. If Your Business Place is Rented-

3. If Your Business Place is owned by Family or Relatives-

  • Legal ownership document

Bank Account

You can utilize a Cancel Cheque or a copy of your Bank Passbook to verify bank details. Additionally, you have the option to use either a savings bank account or a current bank account for your GST registration.

Process after Submitting GST Registration Documents

  • After submitting the registration form with these Documents if GST Officer is not satisfied then Officer can send a Query & Notice.
  • You have to clarify and reply to this notice within 15 days from the date of issue of the notice
  • Also, the GST officer can visit the business place for verification.

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Q. Can I Use My Home as a Business Place in GST?

Yes, you can start the Business from your home, and declare your home as a Business place. but after receiving the GST Number you have to display your registration Number and certificate outside the business place i.e. your home.

Q. GST Registration Limit for Services?

For Normal category states- Rs 20 Lakh
For Special category states- Rs 10 lakh
Any service provider can provide interstate services whit out GST Registration, if your turnover crosses the threshold limits you have to register under GST.

Q. When do I Need to Register under GST?

When your business turnover exceeds the threshold limits you need to compulsory register under GST. threshold limits are-
For Normal category states- Rs 40 Lakh
For Special category states- Rs 20 lakh

Q. Does Twitter content creator need GST Registration?

All X’s creators (formerly known as Twitter) earning Rs 20 Lakhs or more annually have to register under GST and Pay 18% GST. because the money received from Twitter consider a supply, and this supply is taxable under GST.
so if you are earning more than Rs 20 Lakh from Twitter you need a GST Registration.

Q. How to Make the Consent Letter or NOC for GST Registration?

First download the format of the NOC & Consent Letter, then fill up your details.
Now stamped these documents from the court on 50RS or 100Rs stamp paper. stamped documents reduce the chances of rejection of GST Registration.

Q. Can I Cancel My GST Registration at Any Time?

Yes, after clearing your tax liability and Pending interest or Tax, you can cancel your GST Registration by filling out the form GST REG-16 on the GST portal.

Q. What is the penalty for Non-Registration under GST?

Late or non-registration penalty under GST is 10% of the tax due or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher.

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