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GST Overview & Framework

GST(Goods and Service Tax) Introduce on 1 July 2017 in India, every person who exceeds the threshold limit(40/20 Lakh) needs to compulsory register under GST. 

GST has subsumed all taxes like VAT, customs duty, excise duty, CST, service tax, and entertainment tax.

GST Registration Requirements

Persons included in this list are required to compulsory GST Registration

  1. If the total turnover is more than Rs. 40 Lakhs and 20 Lakhs in North-East States then GST Registration is mandatory. 
  2. Persone Supplying Goods outside the state i.e. Interstate Supply
  3. If you are selling Goods or providing any service through an E-Commerce portal, then GST Registration is required even if your turnover is less than Rs. 40 Lakhs
  4. Non-Resident Taxable Person(NRTP) providing Goods & services in India.
  5. Casual Taxable Person(CTP).
  6. Businesses registered under old taxation systems like- VAT, Service Charge etc.

Penalty under GST

You have to pay the penalty if you are not registered or Late registered under GST as per the requirements. The minimum penalty is Rs. 10,000 for non-compliance under GST.

  • The penalty will be 10% of the Tax Due or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher for genuine reasons.
  • The penalty will be at 100% of the tax amount in case of willful default or deliberate non-compliance.

Documents Required For GST Registration

Documents for Proprietorship/Individual- 

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Photo of Proprietor
  4. Bank Passbook/Crossed Cheque
  5. Business Address Proof – Electricity Bill/NOC/Rent Agreement

Here you can Download the Format of the Consent Letter/NOC, Rent Agreement

Documents for Partnership Firm-

  1. Firm PAN Card
  2. Partnership Deed
  3. Business Address Proof
  4. Bank Account – Passbook/Crossed Cheque
  5. Partners ID and Address Proof

Documents for Company-

  1. PAN Card of Company
  2. Company Incorporation Certificate
  3. AOA – Memorandum of Association and Article of Association
  4. Board Resolution
  5. Directors ID and Address Proof

Composition Scheme

It’s a simplified scheme of GST Registration for small businesses having turnover up to Rs. 1.5 Crore (Rs. 75 Lakh in North-East States).

Who is Eligible for the Composition Scheme-

This scheme is available for Manufacturers, traders and restaurant businesses and now service providers also can apply for composition schemes. 

Composition Scheme Rate-

  • Manufacturer/Traders1%
  • Restaurants5%
  • Service Provider- 6%
  • Manufacturers of Bricks- 6%

Is Input Credit Available Under Composition Scheme-

No. The composition taxpayers are not eligible for input credit of GST paid on purchases.

Not Eligible for the Composition Scheme-

  • Inter-State Suppliers.
  • E-Commerce Businesses(like- selling on Amazon or Flipkart)
  • Manufacturers of ice cream, pan masala, tobacco or aerated water.
  • A casual taxable person(CTP)
  • A non-resident taxable person(NRTP)
  • Persone Suppling non taxable goods

Compliance Under Composition Scheme-

Composition Taxpayer is required to file only quarterly returns and one annual return at the end of the year.

Types of GST Returns and Due Dates

It’s important to note that every registered person is mandated to file GST Returns. The table provided below offers insight into the types of returns, the specific data included in each return, as well as the corresponding due dates for their submission.

Please let me know if you need further assistance or information.

ReturnParticular DataFilling TimeDue Date
GSTR-1It’s a view-only return and contains all ITC-related data for the recipient.Monthly
Quarterly (if opted QRMP)
Monthly- 11th of Next Month
QTR- 13th of Next QTR
GSTR-2AIt’s a view-only return, and it shows all Inward Supply.Auto PopulatedAuto Populated
GSTR-2BIt’s a view-only return and contains all ITC-related data for the recipient.Auto PopulatedAuto Populated
GSTR-3BSummary of outward supply and ITC claimed.Monthly
Quarterly (if opted QRMP)
Monthly- 22nd of Next Month
QTR- 24th of Next QTR
GSTR-4it’s an Annual Return for Composition Taxpayersit’s an Annual Return for Composition Taxpayersit’s an Annual Return for Composition Taxpares
GSTR-5Return for NRTPMonthly20th of the Next Month
GSTR-5AReturn for non-resident OIDAR service providerMonthly20th of the Next Month
GSTR-6Return for input service distributorMonthly13th of the Next Month
GSTR-7Return for TDS deductorMonthly10th of Next Month
GSTR-9Annual Return for the normal personYearly31st December of the Next Financial Year.
GSTR-9CReconciliation statement (Self-certified)Yearly31st December of the Next Financial Year.
CMP- 08Return for Composition dealerQuarterly18th of the month succeeding the Quarter.

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FAQs on GST Registration

Q. How to Check GST Registration Status?

Here, you can verify the status of your GST Application using the provided ARN (Application Reference Number). For checking the application status, kindly follow this link – ARN Status

Q. Is the service provider eligible for the composition scheme?

Yes, the service provider can provide services up to Rs 50 lakh. it should be purely services not goods.

Q. Can a Composition Dealer Provide Services with Goods?

Any person registered under the composition scheme who wants to provide services along with goods can provide services up to whichever is higher from the following options:
– 10% of Turnover
– Rs 5 Lakh

Q. When is it compulsory to Register for GST?

GST Registration is mandatory for Businesses having turnover (total yearly sales) of more than Rs. 40 Lakh. Further GST registration is also compulsory for e-commerce companies and businesses supplying goods outside the state even if the turnover is below Rs. 40 Lakhs.

Q. Is it mandatory to furnish current bank account details in GST Registration?

No, you can add your saving bank account as well as current bank account details in GST Registration. it’s not compulsory to furnish only a current bank account.

Q. What is the time limit for GST Registration when you are eligible?

30 Days, When your turnover crosses the threshold limit you have to register under GST in the next 30 days. if you apply for GST in this time period penalty will be levied.

Q. Is a Digital Signature required for GST Registration?

Normally, a Digital Signature is required only in the case of a private limited company or OPC or LLP. However, for a Proprietorship Firm or partnership firm, DSC is not required.


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  1. I want to start business after 2 months. Now I want to setup my office for which I need GST Registration so that I can purchase furniture. Can I apply for GST Registration before starting the business. Can I apply for gst number now as business is not started yet

  2. Do I need to apply for GST Registration if I want to Purchase goods from other State? Is it necessary in case of inter-state purchase of goods/

    1. DSC is not necessary in case of proprietorship business. However it is mandatory in case of other types of entities such as company or partnership firm

    1. In case of proprietorship business, you can apply for GST Number by submitting personal PAN. However, PAN Card of business is necessary in case of other types of business

    1. The full form of HSN is Harmonized System of Nomenclature. It is an international system of classification of goods. At the time of GST registration, you have to select the proper HSN Code of your product or services

  3. I am selling organic food products and now I want to sell through E-Commerce portals – flipkart and amazon. Is it necessary to take GST Registration as my turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakhs

  4. Can we run two businesses on one GST Number? Is it necessary to take different GST number for different businesses

  5. We are registered in Bihar and now we want to open a branch in other state. Do we have to apply for new GST Registration or we can add new branch in existing registration

  6. I want to give electricity bill as business address proof but the this proof is in the name of father. Is it acceptable

    1. No Need to take GST Registration upto the threshold limit. Its export of service and GST is not applicable on exports. Even You can claim refund on GST paid on input services like hosting charges etc.

  7. What is the Full Form of ARN in GST Registration? What is the meaning of ARN and where to find ARN. How to track GST Status through ARN

  8. hii sir i dont have room number because i live in chawl system . but the gst registration manditory to fill room or building number . then what can do